The Elms Hotel

Our unrivalled knowledge has awarded us exclusive access to Scotland’s most sought after historical hotel investment opportunity “The Elms Hotel” nestled in the gorgeous seaside resort of Arbroath, Scotland. Surrounded by famous golf courses & world renowned Whiskey making this an exciting investment opportunity destination.

Offering investors the chance to capitalize the thriving Scottish hotel sector Scottish Heritage along with the hotel owners Castlerock Associates, a property investment company based in the UK. Castlerock Associates specialise in luxury property investments throughout Scotland.

Castlerock Associates purchased The Elms and the redevelopment of the Hotel started in August 2020. Recruited an award-winning Project Manager coupled with exclusive Grade A listed specialist Architects to oversee the most exciting historical hotel renovation in decades.

Scottish Heritage have proudly been awarded the overseeing of this opportunity exclusively to the SE Asian investment market.

Our Vision

Create a dynamic restoration team to create the ultimate indulgent hotel experience. By combining award-winning experts architects, structural engineers, interior & landscaping designers The Elms Hotel will be the perfect destination for modern luxury with historical elegance.

The Elms Hotels amenities

The Elms hotel is surrounded by luxury, stepped in history and home of the world’s finest whiskey and smokeries.

“Not just an investment a part of Scottish history…”
Project Manager

Our Award-Winning Team

Project Manager - Jon Moore

We are proud to have an award-winning project manager and award-winning architects creating a truly magnificent development, which we know to be unique and truly spectacular. Known for creating outstanding, breathtaking historic hotels together we are elated they are part of our team.





Architects - McKenzie Strickland Associates

Castlerock Associates

Castlerock Associates Limited are a property investment company based in the UK. They are a specialist team of experts who have continued to create exceptional investment opportunities for the smart investor, increasing investors revenue consistently each month from day one!!

Castlerock Associates specialise in luxury hotel projects throughout Scotland. Castlerock Associates have purchased The Elms and the redevelopment of the Hotel started in August 2020.

Castlerock Associates have recruited an award-winning Project Manager coupled with exclusive Grade A listed specialist Architects to oversee the most exciting historical hotel renovation in decades.

Scottish Heritage has proudly been awarded the overseeing of this opportunity exclusively to the SE Asian investment market.

The Location


Arbroath is located in Angus of Scotland, and is famed for a number of its attractions. Standing proudly on the coast of the North Sea Arbroath boasts an attractive old harbour which still remains in action.

Arbroath proudly posses long sandy beaches and stunning sandstone cliffs which stretch out on either side of the town. A bustling seaside town with breathtakingly beautiful cliff-top scenery.

Lunan Bay has attracted many visitors throughout the ages, from Viking armies in the 10th century to generations of holidaymakers. Today it offers a secluded haven on the dramatic Angus coastline.

One of the most naturally beautiful beaches in Scotland, 4 km sweep of perfect sand making it an ideal place to go for the whole family.

Natural beauty providing a great place for visitors to see Scotland at its finest.
Lunan Bay rules as king of the Angus coast.

Unwind with a challenging and enjoyable game of golf at the oldest and most iconic golf course in the world with its historical passed stemming from New year's Day 1847 the first formal Club competition was held.

Golf courses in Scotland are among the best in the world, with seven golf courses, St Andrews is the largest public golf complex in Europe.

St Andrews has hosted the open 29 Times – The 150th Open Championship will take place at St Andrews in 2022.

The world-famous Carnoustie has four courses – the historic Championship Course, the Burnside Course, the Buddon Links Course and a free-to-play short, five-hole course called The Nestie.

Widely believed to be the most difficult course in UK & Ireland Carnoustie has hosted The Open Championship on eight occasions, most recently in 2018.

Carnoustie is an experience you will never forget. The Craw’s Nest Tassie will return in 2022.

The Elms is perfectly situated, among Scotland’s famous courses.

25 minutes drive away you will be immersed in the beautiful landscape and taken on a journey to the magnificent St. Andrews Golf Resort, the largest golf course in Europe. A favourite of the country’s elite and A-list Celebrities.

7 minutes away the Carnoustie Golf Resort is a haven for professional golfers and is known to be the course that challenges each golfer who plays and is “Golf’s Greatest Test” Carnoustie was voted the World’s Best Golf Course in 2019.

The Elms Hotel will benefit from peak capacity during all major Golf Tournaments and be the only “New Modern” historical hotel for Celebrities & Professional Golfers.

The History

The most famous document in Scotland’s history, a declaration of Scottish independence, has been awarded special status by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

The Declaration of Arbroath was written to the Pope in 1320, on behalf of the barons and community of the realm of Scotland. This eloquent letter, written in support of King Robert Bruce (Robert I) and an independent Scotland, is still regarded today as a spirited statement of a nation’s claim to freedom.

Arbroath Smokie

A famous signature Scottish delicacy… Smoked smokies. The original ‘Arbroath Smokie’ hails from Auchmithie, a small fishing village, 3 miles north of Arbroath. Although rumour has it may even originate for Viking raids of the early 11th century.

The world-famous ‘Arbroath Smokie’ indeed follows a process that is typical of similar smoking processes carried out to this day in Scandinavia, and may itself provide yet another clue to the village’s origin and identity.

The Hotel Investment Return

What Are The Investment Options?

1) Hotel Investment - Initial Investment will start seeing a return in January 2022, while construction is being completed. Then a dividend of 0.5% per month will be paid for the whole term. This 6% return per annum is guaranteed. We will also offer a guaranteed buy back on year 3, 5 and year 10.

2) Trading Platform - Return of 0.5% will be paid from the first month. Monthly dividend will return 6% per annum.

Capital always safe.

Same benefits as The Elms but in addition to asset back investment.

Why Do Developers Use Investors Funds Instead Of A Bank?

The answer is quite a straightforward one. With bank finance, a borrower is usually required to start paying the interest within one month of borrowing the money. When a hotel is being purchased and/or renovated, it takes a while for the hotel to reach maturity in terms of occupancy rates and income, therefore it makes more sense for a developer to pay a higher annual interest payment to investors and be provided with the time to develop the Hotel before having to start paying out returns, rather than paying a lower interest payment and being under pressure from day one to meet those re-payments before income has been created.

It also gives the operating company an element of freedom to get on with what they do best – running a hotel, rather than spending their time doing reports for the banks, and being restricted by various red tape.

In addition, direct investment marketing creates long term investment opportunities for developer because we know that you will stay with us for life once you receive your guaranteed monthly dividends!!

When you have happy investors, you create long-term security for both the investor and developer alike.

How Do Investors Get Paid?

With occupancy rates of 95% predicted in Scotland for 2022, paying monthly dividends is an easy task. Investors we receive their dividends and the developer will receive the remaining profit so it is win-win for all involved.

This agreement is for a fixed period 3, 5 or 10 years, so investors can exit out of the investment through a guaranteed buy-back.

As an investor you therefore have the peace of mind knowing that you effectively own a share of the asset in Scotland until your capital is repaid. Only when you sell your shares and have been repaid in full does your monthly dividend then cease to be paid. This is our commitment to you because you are our number one priority.

Exiting The Investment

Our guaranteed buy-back is contractually agreed, in writing, at point of purchase – giving the investor the opportunity to exit and trigger the buy back clause with a period written notice (2 months in advance) at the original purchase price. Our developers offer buy backs at Year 3, 5 or 10.

This way the developer is able to buy back shares in The Elms through a direct purchase from funds they have generated from rental yield they have retained themselves within the hotel.