Why Invest in UK Property?

We strongly believe that UK property has, and always will be one of the safest and most profitable places to invest your money.

This secure asset offering gives investors the opportunity to access this market quickly and easily from overseas, benefiting from maximum security and an attractive guaranteed fixed income.

Our aim is to provide the very best UK property investments to our clients, and we know you will agree that the Elms is just that and more. Our team of experts understand the intricacies of the UK property market and are dedicated to your investment portfolio management.

Why Invest in Golf Hotels?

More and more investors are seeing Golf hotel investment’s as a way of expanding their portfolio, generating high fixed returns, and are attracted to the idea of having a passive monthly income.

Hotels within a prime golfing location benefit from many exclusive benefits. A-list celebrities such as Sean Connery, Tom Cruise, Justin Timberlake and even Barack Obama have played St.Andrews.

Worldwide Golf Tournaments

St. Andrews is also home to The Open which is now in its 150th year. Carnoustie is also renowned for holding 8 Open Championships along with all women’s and junior opens.

Location is key to full proofing a hotel investment, key sporting events secure high net returns from guaranteed full capacity periods, through peak seasons and major sporting events.

Staycation Increases

With UK tourism at record levels because of Covid-19, and with “staycation” popularity growing and at a 20-year record high, now is the time for investors to capitalise on this strong performing market offering high, sustainable yields and capital growth.

Smart people are already investing in Golf hotel rooms before the cost of investment rises to much higher levels.

Intelligent investors understand that NOW is the time to invest in THE ELMS!!

“Not just an investment a part of Scottish history…”
Project Manager 

The Scottish Golf Hotel Market

The Scottish Hotel market is benefiting from Covid-19 travel restrictions!

Hospitality experts have predicted an average occupancy level of 95% for Scotland by the end of 2021!!

Covid-19 travel restrictions have seen the 60 m population of the UK seek to not travel abroad and solely take staycations in the UK for the foreseeable future, with Scotland being the UK Number UK Tourist hotspot for Golfers!!

Affordable, detailed monthly reports. Impressive track record performance.” Mr & Mrs Chia

Increase in Hotel Investments
Here we are again, at the start of a new year. And I have a suggestion for those New Year’s resolutions you’ve probably already made: Don’t make any!
The Scottish hotels market saw investment volumes in 2018 reach £902 million, according to the latest research from Savills – a four-fold increase on 2017 investment.

The landscape for the UK hotel market has been vastly altered by the pandemic and it’s far from business as usual. UK hotel investment declined by 70% for the full year 2020…